Taking insurance online

Traditional insurance often comes with the hassle of ongoing phone calls and check-ins, and at times confusing policies with hidden clauses, that you as the client are paying for. Johannesburg-based Infiniti Insurance shifts away from the traditional model and offers a solution that is tailored for today’s world.

Infiniti’s online platform, which was launched last year, empowers individuals with hassle-free tools to control the process. Clients are given full autonomy over their home, motor and business insurance policies.

Insurance meets tech

Insurance-seekers who are relatively tech-savvy, and who know what they want, are perfect suitors to Infiniti’s platform.

Users first register details on the website. Once registered, their logins can be used to get a quote, take out insurance, make changes to an existing online policy, or claim.

Sharon Paterson, Infiniti Insurance CEO, explains that the client can obtain a ‘no-obligation’ quote, and if they accept the quote, the company will debit monthly premium payments from their account. The advantage of using Infiniti is that the client can cancel their insurance at any given time, by logging into their profile and selecting ‘cancel’.

Says Paterson: “Our undertaking to you is that we will not use the details that you give us to hound you with phone calls and e-mails. In fact, we will not phone you unless you specifically ask us to.”

If a client wants to submit a claim, they can either go online and lodge a claim themselves or contact the call centre and speak directly to a claims manager. In cases of emergency, the client can use the emergency assistance app on their smartphone.

Paterson explained that the added benefit to using the app is that help will be sent immediately, with either a tow truck or an ambulance (if necessary), and the company will then contact the client to get details of the claim.

Infiniti offers solutions that are customised to individuals seeking home contents and car insurance, but also offers policies to smaller businesses like a store, lawyers or accounts office, doctors rooms, beauty salon or even a small manufacturing plant.

Should a client not be eligible for a specific policy, then, with their permission, an experienced broker will contact them to structure a policy that suits their needs.

Festive season cover

With the festive season approaching, insurance is an often-forgotten but critical thing to think about.

Paterson advises clients to ensure that their policies are up to date and that they comply with their needs, ahead of everything else. If the client finds that this is not the case, Paterson advises they call a broker to clarify or modify the policy before leaving on holiday.

It is important that one considers all scenarios and prepares for it accordingly, Paterson said. For instance, having liability cover for a trailer left on the side of road because it has broken down. Additionally, Paterson says the client may want to consider insuring valuable items they are taking with on holiday, especially if those items are insured only in the home.

Another precaution is the home alarm system. One can protect the valuables in their home by ensuring that the home alarm system is fully functional, ahead of the holiday season.  If the alarm is not activated it is possible that a theft claim will be excluded in terms of your policy wording.

What one commonly forgets ahead of the holiday season is notifying the insurer about recent home renovations, and possible unprotected entrances and windows that have not been previously declared.

“It is amazing how often people forget to advise their insurer that they have built on a room with an unprotected sliding door and, as luck would have it, that is the door that the burglars gain entry through,” says Paterson.

Insurance can become an expensive commodity, so “take a critical look at what you insure and what it costs you and decide what you need and don’t need. Remember that the most cost-effective way is to insure only for the disaster that you will not otherwise withstand,” Paterson concludes.